How I Got My Magazine Designed with Adobe Indesign

Abdulgiyath Akanni Salman
2 min readNov 17, 2021

It was one day when I'm looking for designer that will help me to design my annual magazine. In the past, it was one designer i do use and he doesn't have the knowledge of Adobe Indesign at all even all Adobe Packages except Photoshop which he used for Photo Editing.

I meet one guy and i asked him of the cost he charge for Magazine design. He told me but it seems a bit expensive than the amount my previous designer charges. I don't even have any options than to give the guy i meet the design work to do because have meet the deadline already.

The guy I meet did the 50+ pages design work for just 2 days and i started the prove reading on day 3. In short, everything was done in a week and I asked him which software did he used and how did he quickly done on time. He said he make use of Adobe Indesign and he explained everything to me. Its Capability over others and I felt Adobe Indesign is one of the best software for any page based design..

Make use of Adobe Indesign for any of your Magazine, Brochure, Instruction Manual, and any other project that involve pages.

This designer have helped me in all my Design works apart from magazine like cookbook magazine design for my wife, flyer, certificate, and more

Here is the link of the designer that helped me out

I recommend him for you



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