DESIGN: 4 reasons why you should hire a graphic designer instead of DIY

1. Hiring a designer saves you time, energy & money.

Starting/Running a business is very time consuming (as I’m sure you know). So the real question is: do you really (actually) have time to create your own company brand (I mean a good one)?

  • How does your ideal client think?
  • What will portray your brand’s message, without overcomplicating it?
  • What would make them trust you (so they will ultimately purchase from you)?

2. Designers can help you upstage your competition.

Designers can help you stand out from the crowd, especially if your competition has branding from their own DIY-er.

3. Good branding keeps your image consistent, recognizable, and reliable.

Nothing looks more flaky and unprofessional than a business that either:

  • doesn’t have a clear business identity
  • has too many of them

4. Great branding can help attract the right audience.

It may seem trivial to you, but big brands don’t become successful because the founder was designing his/her own branding on the home computer after hours.



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